Aquamira – SHIFT (32oz / 946 ml) Filter Bottle


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Filter your water as you drink, directly from your water bottle.  The Shift Filter Bottle comes with the Everyday Filter included as standard and 3 further levels of interchangeable filter cartridges are available.



Whether you’re heading to out on track in the bush, or to work or the gym, the SHIFT™ Bottle will take you there with its water filter housing built into the cap.  Just select the filter appropriate for you activity or adventure.  Aquamira have 4 different levels of water filter elements which can be interchanged depending on where you are using your Shift Filter Bottle.  These are:

  • Everyday – Use to reduce taste, odour, and any harmful chemical contaminants that may be present in tap water.
  • Backcountry – Use to protect from water contaminants that you may encounter on track in the bush.
  • Backcountry Plus – With hollow fibre technology and 4,546 Litre (1000 gallon) capacity, this filter will take you further than the Backcountry filter.
  • Worldwide – Use for protection from contaminants found in water sources anywhere in the world.

The Shift Filter Bottle comes with the Everyday Filter included as standard.  The Everyday Blue Line Filter will provide 3 months life of continuous use.

Features and Benefits

  • BLU Line Daily Protection
  • 3 month life of continuous use.
  • Accepts any Series IV replacement filter
  • 32 oz. Bottle
  • Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media
  • BPA free, chemical free, and iodine free
  • Filter made in the USA

Blue, Citrus, White, Black

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